[NEWS] INFINITE helps clean the stadium after ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’

Idol group INFINITE has undoubtedly reached the upper heights of fame, but despite that, they’ve demonstrated that they’re still humble at heart.

A fancam from MBC‘s recent recording of the ‘Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships‘ revealed footage of INFINITE staying behind to help clean up the stadium. Though there were plenty of crew members to clear the floor, the boys decided to lend a hand anyway.

Both fans and netizens were highly impressed by INFINITE’s gentlemanly manners as well as their sincere desire to please fans. It’s easy to see why INFINITE has quickly become one of the most respected idol groups in the industry.

In related news, the ‘Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships’ will air as an MBC Lunar New Year’s special later on this month.


Gaaah! That's why I guessed its just a good choice to have them as my new fandom. Such a niceeee guys though I know in reality they didn't want to clean stuffs but still have chosen to help in the end. Proud newbie Inspirit here. LOL. :)

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