[FIC] Forbidden Love (One-Shot)

Title: Forbidden Love
Author: Amberfied
Pairing: KryBer
Rating and length: PG, One-Shot


[Amber’s POV]

It’s almost 11 in the evening now and the concert had just ended. After waving our goodbyes to the fans, I hastily ran heading to the dressing room. I even over heard Sulli called my name to wait for them, but I purposely ignored it. I have been impatiently wanted to finish the concert immediately just for this moment to arrive. As I stepped inside the dressing room, I quickly grabbed my phone and eagerly unlocked its keypad. And as I checked my inbox for some SMS, I’ve been frustrated all of a sudden.

She didn’t texted me. Not at least once for this day. I am already worrying about her. As I keep on back reading her previous messages in my inbox, I heard the door screeches as it opens. It was Sulli, Luna and Victoria eomma.

“I knew it. Did she reply already?” Sulli mouthed as she grabbed a piece of tissue on the table and wipes her sweat all over her face. “Not yet.” I pouted as I leaned my back on the chair. I stare at the ceiling, thinking if what she has been doing lately that she didn’t even bother herself to text me since this morning. I bend forward and hurriedly dialed her number to make a call.

Her line is unattended.

I dialed and dialed and dialed her number a couple of times but still I always got the same response. “Soojung-ah! Please don’t make this hard for me.” I whispered frustratingly.

“Amber… Krystal is still probably filming for her scene. Please be patient. She will surely call you back when she is free.” Victoria eomma interfered. “But she didn’t even texted since this morning. Did she film for her scene the whole day? I don’t think so. Ugh~” I insisted.

“Yaaaah! I know you misses Krystal so bad. We also do Amber. But we should understand that she’s much committed on her own activity. The both of you have done talking about this. Haven’t you?” Her she goes again. The loquacious Luna has already intruded.

“But I have been missing her a lot. If I would to choose, I am not going here with you guys instead visits her on that disgusting sitcom’s filming.”

“I am actually feeling the same way you are. I miss your appa. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I just want to go back to South Korea right now.” Victoria eomma mumbled as she changed her high heels to slippers. “Ugh~ my feet aches. It almost became paralyzed while we were performing.


After our performance for our Comeback Stage at Music Bank:

“Ugh. My feet~ the dance floor was so slippery and I had to control my feet against falling.” She cutely pouted as she kept on massaging her feet. I suddenly removed her hands and grabbed her feet. I gave her the “let me take care of this” smile and gently massaged her food. Giving my very best to release all the pain that’s giving her a hard time.

“Don’t worry my princess. As long as your devoted servant is here, you certainly wouldn’t feel any kind of torturing body aches. I can handle anything just for you”.

“Nah. Amber, you’re not my servant. You’re my girlfriend. You don’t have to do this. I can manage it by myself.” She gave me that oh-so-weakening smile and removed her foot from my hands. But I opposed. “Girlfriend or Servant, still the same. If only people know how precious Jung Soojung is and how important her feet not any single vain to get emboss, they would probably do the same thing I am doing.” I forcedly grabbed her foot again and continuously massage it. It was just so damn flawless. I couldn’t help but to admire how she take good care of her feet. My privilege since I have feet fetish when it comes to women.

“Fine. So much with those exaggerating words. I will let you do this just for once. And next time, don’t act like you are more my servant than being my girlfriend. I really don’t like it.”


“No buts. Or I shall break up with you.” I was dropped jaw after hearing her threat. “Wha—what… do you mean?” I uttered nervously.

“Ha-ha-ha. Just kidding baby!” She pecked a kiss on my chick trying to release my tension. Then she stared at me. I was relief. “You know I can’t do that. I can’t afford to loose you.”

“Me either Krystal.”

*end of flashback*

I shook my head and went back to reality. Ugh. I suddenly missed those times. When will we be as sweet again as before? I miss my baby so much.

“Excuse me! PD-nim wants to talk to F(x) outside. Hurry!” The stage manager eagerly informed us inside the dressing room. And I hate it. This might be an after concert meeting again. It will surely take hours until it ends.

I took a deep sighed as I slothfully stood up from sitting. I checked my phone again and still on its same state. My group mates hurriedly run outside except me. I’m just naturally lazy for these stuffs when my girlfriend is not around. Everything I do and I will do seems meaningless.


[Krystal’s POV]

“Cut! Good take! That’s all for today. Sugohaseutseumnida!”

“Nae. Sugohaseutseumnida!” I bowed to the director and my co-actor and hurriedly run to check my phone. Ugh crap! I didn’t notice that my phone’s battery was already exhausted. This can’t be happen. She might have sent text messages on me. I need to give response as soon as possible. I kept digging my bag to look where my phone charger is. ANOTHER crappy thing, I forgot it on our dorm.

“Omo. Ottoke?” I lip bit and brush some strands of my hair.

“You okay?” my co-actor Jong Suk oppa worriedly muttered.

“Huh? Nae. It’s just… my phone’s battery had been emptied already.” I pouted as I continued looking for my charger. Making sure if it’s really nowhere to be found among my things. “And I forgot to bring my—“

“Here. Use this.” He handled me his phone charger and I finally feel relieved.

“Neomu kamsahamnida oppa!” I bowed on him like there’s no tomorrow. I quickly plugged the charger on my phone and bingo! It finally turned on.

24 messages received.

4 came from Vic eomma. 6 came from Jessica eonnie. Two of them came from Luna eonnie and Sulli eonnie and the rest came from my girlfriend. Longing for her presence, I even ignored the previous SMS when I saw her messages.

[Good morning baby! Didn’t catch you when you woke up this morning. Seems that I won’t have any energy for today’s concert. Why left so early? Anyway… good luck for today’s filming. I know you’ll do well. As always. ^___^ See you soon. I will always love you Krys!

Your devoted servant,


[Krys! How’s everything there? Did you start filming? The concert is about to start in an hour. Wish you were here. I love you baby. <3


[We’re done Krys! How’s my baby? Didn’t have any message from you since this morning. I’m worried now. Please let me know what you’re doing now. I love you Krys! ^^

Loving you to its fullest,


[Krys! I’m worried now. You there? T___T]

[Krys!!!!!!!!! T____________T]

Damn! My chest wanted to burst out after reading her messages. These worries are those things I’m avoiding her to feel. I don’t want her to feel lonely when I’m not around. Every time she’s telling me that she misses me, I just suddenly wanted to walk out even though we’re still having this filming shiz. If it’s not with our agency’s CEO, I wouldn’t have done this. Knowing that this would lessen the time I’m supposed to be with my group’s side. With my girlfriend’s side.

Why it has always to be like this. Why do I always give her nothing but worries? Being her girlfriend. I should always stay by her side. Though our love is forbidden, I don’t fucking care. If our relationship would become the reason for an end this career, I’m willing to take the risk of it and I’m sure she would do the same thing. I can loose anything I have but one thing is for sure, I couldn’t afford to loose someone like her. Someone like Amber.

And now, I’m already tired of this. I must stop this stupidity as early as possible. I finally decided. And when I decide, no one could ever interfere nor stop me. Especially when the decision has something to do with our relationship. I don’t care if I might loose anything after I do this, EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE IS AMBER so I have left with no choice.

I quickly fixed my things and run towards where the whole cast were currently gathering. I took a deep breathe before mouthing any words.

“Excuse me! I—have... something to tell everyone…”


“Hello? Krys?”


“Thank God you called. Where are you? I was worried about you the whole day. Wait why is your voi—are you crying?”

“Amber… I’m really sorry…”

“What? Why saying sorry? Hey—so you’re really crying? Krys! Please let me know where you are. I’ll look for you!”

“Baby… I already quit.”

“Quit what? I don’t understand!”

“Filming for High Kick 3.”

“HUH? But why? Why did you quit? You should have not done that.”

“If I don’t quit, then how about us? After reading your messages, I couldn’t help it anymore. I hate myself. Being with that stuff seems that I’m always giving you a hard time. And it feels like I’m not happy of doing this anymore. First, I’m always far away from you. Second, I always keep on missing you. We didn’t even catch ourselves awake. Every time I got home, you were already peacefully sleeping and when you‘re the one who is leaving, I was the one who who’s asleep. I’m getting tired of this scheme. I want these things to stopped and well continue our relationship instead. I don’t like the feeling that we’re both longing for each other. We should always stay in each other’s side right?”

“Krys… but… What about your director and co-actors? Lee Sooman sonsaengnim? What would they think about you after doing this? I’m just concern of you baby.”

“I don’t care if what would they think or say about me. Amber… I can afford to loose everything in my life but not you. NOT YOU AMBER!”

“Me as well Krys! I love you 100 million times you do. Well, if that’s your decision… I will always stay at your side. Don’t worry I’ll help you with everything. Now, it’s my turn, tell me where you are so I can fetch you right away.”

“I’m just right here.”

“Where? Tell me where exactly that is?”

“Behind you…”

“What do you mean---“

I whispered to her ear to make her understand what I mean. She suddenly turned and faced me. I saw the relief on her face when she finally saw me standing in front of her. She gave me a warm tight hug until I couldn’t even move. After 2 months of filming for HK3, we have seen each other again. BOTH AWAKE AND ALIVE. She was really happy seeing me again but I could say I was probably happier than her. Because, I am sure that choosing her and choosing our relationship from my unsure career, was the best decision I made for my entire life.

When she finally releases me from her very warmth embrace that no one could ever give me except her, she stares straight on my eyes, giving me those precious smiles; she fixed some strands of my hair that messing around my face. She caresses my chicks with her hand which feels even softer than mine.

“Krystal, Thank you for giving up everything just for our relationship. Thank you for daring to love me.”

“Amber… Ever since I started to breathe, you were the best THING that happened in my life. And I would love to love that THING until I finish breathing and just to let you know, loving you Amber is not just a dare, it’s a chose. A chose I would never ever regret for the rest of my life.”

She gave me that passionate kiss ever. That kiss was the best of all. It comprises the warmth of love we have for each other. All the strength that we’ve been exerted for this what they called forbidden love. Forbidden or not, All I know is, we will keep this relationship stronger and promise to stay in each others side until our hair became dyed by white.

“I love you Krystal…”

“I love you Amber…”
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