Me and my 'best friend" Insomia used to have some bonding these days. So I was struggling of what to do so I could get sleepy. Thanks to lovely Adobe Photoshop for always being there. And since I am totally a KryBer deprived and dying to see them in a lesbian movie such as Korean version of Yes or No, I ended up making this fan made movie poster. How I wish this is true. I would definitely die if this happens. 

It took an hour just to fix their t-shirts; erasing the designs so I could put that "yes" and "no" captions like what's Tina and Aom wearing on the original movie poster.  

And spent almost 3 hours to finish this craziness. <: 

To those who aren't aware anyway, Yes or No is Thailand's first ever movie which has a lesbian love story. And that movie is one of my favorite Thai movies. If you're suffering for having an identity crisis because of being a fan of f(x)'s Amber or if you're into lesbians, you would surely enjoy and hook in the movie. 

So, how was the fanart I made? :)


BUT I honestly can’t get enough of Kyungsoo. ♥ T_____T Every time he smiles, every time he looks like “I WAS ABOUT TO CRY” when he can’t answer the questions properly on their radio guesting, every time he sings with confident in front of the camera, when he trolls with the other members, every time he proclaims himself as the “eomma” of the group (sooo cute), every time he perfectly impersonates Oh Gwang-Rok with “Aagh~ Jotda~”, every time he does that lip touching step in MAMA choreography, every time he laughs while hiding his face because of shyness and every time he does this famous “O.o” expression of him, HE SERIOUSLY ATTRACTS ME A LOT AND I ALMOST FORGET MY 2 ULTIMATE EXO BIASES. T__________T  

And I don’t know what got me into this, but I am sometimes perving on him. Ugh. Sorry.  

Happy Birthday Byun Bacon ♥

I used to like Luhan before until I heard you sing “Into Your World” and your voice almost killed me ‘cause you sound like a heaven sent “Angel”. Then from that day forward, you became my ultimate bias in Exo-K together with Kris of Exo-M and I’m not regretting it though you’re trying your very best to make everyone laugh with your lame jokes. :D

Baekhyun babe, thank you so much for existing. Thank you for being soooo perfect in my eyes; your perfect hands, your flawless skin, your perfect eyeliner, your oh-so-killing voice, your smile, your eyes, EVERYTHING is perfection. But in case you show a sudden flaws, I will be willing to accept and love it anyways. ‘Cause I’m eternally in love with you like that. Whuuuuut? Puhahaha. :DDD

I love youuuuu Bacon-ssi. ♥ Please continue inspiring me. ^^

His 8th Years of Existence.

Happy eight years of your precious existence, Kim Kibum!

Yes. Existence.

Perhaps any kpop fan who’s reading this right now might laughing on me and thinks I am crazy for talking about “your existence” and even celebrating it.

Well, I am your fan; your loyal, faithful and dedicated avid fan. Although for some people you doesn’t exist anymore, I never forgot nor releases that name “Kim Kibum” in my head and heart. After you left Super Junior and decided to pursue your acting career, I never stop monitoring you ever since. I mean, I have lots of source of where to get updates about you. As in LOTS OF SOURCE.

Though some people or should I say some ELFs who used to loved you, thought that you are might be dead already, your existence never fade into mine baby.

You are my first love. I know I had tried to replace you with my other biases in Kpop; I am still falling into your gravity. I cannot imagine how life would it be if you did not come in my life. I just could not forget someone like you honey. I have been spending my half-life for years in this most awesome side of the world called KPOP and it is all because of YOU.

Surrendering my loyalty to you for almost five years is not enough, as long as you are breathing, as long as you make me smile, as long as you live your life to its fullest through your very passionate way of acting, I will follow you sir. :)

Even you’re not a part of my favorite group for now; you are still a very special human being to me just like what I felt when I first saw you, five years ago.

I would not get tired of waiting at that day when you finally come back to the group where you belong and would give you too much love for the second time around. I am not the only one who expects for that to happen, billionths of us I guess. But whatever happens, whatever is your final decision baby, we will always be legal. You will always be mine and I am always yours.

Thank you so much for existing Kibum. ♥

Loving you until her last breathe,
Jhaney (Amberfied)

Sorry Grammar Nazis. I’m not a good English student. :)


[FMV] WooGyu 우규 Couple - It's First Love (첫사랑이죠)

I guess my weekends are not complete without having some time with my best bud, Sony Vegas HD Platinum. But I was busy these days so I wasn't able to make FMVs. BUT since I am falling for one of Infinite's Royal Couple, I couldn't help it but to finished my First WooGyu FMV :) Though I'm into YaDong at first, I can say that this one is more real. Sorry for I wasn't able to put lots of WooGyu moments. I just chose among my favorite.

Anyway, big credits to the owners of photos and fancams. Comments are love! Enjoy the video. :) WOOGYU IS LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

BTW, I chose this song again since it's the most romantic song nowadays. 

Music: It's First Love (첫사랑이죠) - IU (아이유) & Na Yoon Kwon (나윤권)

[English Translation]

How is it that we, how is it that now
How is it that the two of us ended up here
Time passes by like the stars inside many people

Inside my heart (My heart)
Filling my eyes (Filling)
Is all of you (You)
Piling up
It seems that without any sound
Even our cold fingertips become warmer

Even if we don't speak
We're filled in each other's eyes
Now when you're sick
I will feel your forehead

Let us not be afraid
It's an exciting first love like honey
Carefully, day by day again
I will always love you

Your face (When I)
That voice (Remember)
When I remember them (You)
My heart becomes flushed
The cold day, frozen in white
Seems to be melting away

Even if we can't see
The hands we gave each other are pretty warm
On the nights that you can't sleep
I will hold onto your hands

We trust each other
It's a first love that twinkles like a star
Even if our hearts are pounding
Step by step again, I will get a little closer

Like the delightful first snow
I want to have my first kiss
With you, who came to me
I can hear your heart
It seems like the two of us
Are the only ones in the world

Even if we don't speak
We're filled in each other's eyes
Now when you're sick
I will feel your forehead

Let us not be afraid
It's an exciting first love like honey
Carefully, day by day again
I will always love you

You're my first love


Been inspired with designers from Deviantart and Tumblr, so I decided to try it with myself. So this is my first trial of making an album cover and movie poster starring our very own KRYBER and F(x) members. Kekekeke. :D Did I do well? 



*Movie credits are only fictional. This is just for entertainment purposes.
*Done via Adobe Photoshop CS2
*All picture credits goes to S.M. Entertainment CO., LTD.

[NEWS] f(x)’s Luna Graduates from High School

With a diploma in one hand and a simple bouquet in the other, f(x)‘s Luna was all smiles at her high school graduation ceremony on February 7th.

The idol attended the ceremony at Seoul Lila Arts High School in her school uniform, completing the look of a young student with her cute pigtails.

Luna told Star News, “After the graduation ceremony, I’m going to chat a lot with my friends. I’m sad to say goodbye to them.” She continued, “It’s a new beginning, so I am going to work hard in everything I do from now on.”

In March, Luna will attend her first college class at JoongAng University, where she was accepted as a theater major.

Unfortunately, her classmate Jiyeon from girl group T-ara could not attend the ceremony because of her busy schedule with ‘Dream High 2′.

Congratulations to both ladies on their milestone achievement!

Source: Star News via Naver


Yaaaaah! So proud of my baby Luna :) Although she is busy with her career in showbiz industry, she still prioritized to study hard and finally graduated from high school. ^^ I really admire this kiddo from being industrious and hardworking as well. Anyway, best luck on your collage Sunyoung-ssi!