Been inspired with designers from Deviantart and Tumblr, so I decided to try it with myself. So this is my first trial of making an album cover and movie poster starring our very own KRYBER and F(x) members. Kekekeke. :D Did I do well? 



*Movie credits are only fictional. This is just for entertainment purposes.
*Done via Adobe Photoshop CS2
*All picture credits goes to S.M. Entertainment CO., LTD.

[NEWS] f(x)’s Luna Graduates from High School

With a diploma in one hand and a simple bouquet in the other, f(x)‘s Luna was all smiles at her high school graduation ceremony on February 7th.

The idol attended the ceremony at Seoul Lila Arts High School in her school uniform, completing the look of a young student with her cute pigtails.

Luna told Star News, “After the graduation ceremony, I’m going to chat a lot with my friends. I’m sad to say goodbye to them.” She continued, “It’s a new beginning, so I am going to work hard in everything I do from now on.”

In March, Luna will attend her first college class at JoongAng University, where she was accepted as a theater major.

Unfortunately, her classmate Jiyeon from girl group T-ara could not attend the ceremony because of her busy schedule with ‘Dream High 2′.

Congratulations to both ladies on their milestone achievement!

Source: Star News via Naver


Yaaaaah! So proud of my baby Luna :) Although she is busy with her career in showbiz industry, she still prioritized to study hard and finally graduated from high school. ^^ I really admire this kiddo from being industrious and hardworking as well. Anyway, best luck on your collage Sunyoung-ssi!

[BLOG] The Best Sexy Thing Ever ♥

Amber's Me2day update :) ♥

낼도 봐요~ ming tian ye jian! 근데 뒤에 ”남자3호love“라고 써있음ㅋㅋ

Translation: See you again tomorrow~ (Korean) See you again tomorrow! (Chinese)
By the way, it was written "No.3 Guy love" at the back keke

PS: No.3 Guy referring to Super Junior Donghae
A fan wrote "No.3 Guy love" at the back of the board

Credits: Amber's me2day
Korean to English translations: KBNye | KryberPalace.com


Yeah baby! You don't have an idea how goddamn smexxxxxy and hoooot you are. <3 Can't stop giggling every time I see this picture. Your eyes is just sooooo ugh... okay, FOREVER SEXY. ♥

[BLOG] When the Princess and The Servant Sleeps Together

Last Wednesday (February 1, 2012), Krystal updated her Me2Day with this hilarious photo with Amber and Sulli ♥

“연말 시상식무대 연습하다 지쳐 쓰러진 우리들…ㅎㅎ”

But since I'm KryBer deprive for almost a month, the thoughts had just played my mind again and pushed to make a fan art. 

GOAL FOR THE KRYBER FAN ART: Make Krystal and Amber sleeps like they were really together. 


I just failed on doing it. :) I couldn't make it perfectly but I worked hard on it. So this was the fail result :)

Sorry T_________________T

[BLOG] The Incomparable Excitement for Yes or No Part 2 ♥

This is it.

I've been waiting for this for a long time. Finally, the lovely Aom and adorable Tina just confirmed it. YES OR NO PART 2!!!!! They had just started to film on the first week of January. And approximately, it will be release on early July. I can't wait for this. :) I fell in love with this couple since the first part of this movie. And would surely falling for them more on its sequel. If I were to ask, I want to have a more sweetness AOMTINA moments in part 2. Not having any third parties or whatever. I just don't want any circumstance will interrupt their relationship. Hahaha. :D I know it will turn out boring without any conflict on the story, but that's my own opinion anyway.

I love this movie so much. They just showed that nothing is forbidden when it comes to love. As long as you love and trust each other, forbidden love or not, SHOULD ALWAYS ANSWER YES! NOT NO. :)

Here's the trailer of Yes or No Part 1. Promise! This is a must watch movie. ♥



Yaaaaaah! It's your 26th year yet you're still beautiful and prettier. :) Thanks for taking care the F(x) babies. Wishing you more powers and good health! Good luck on your first drama series. :) We will always be here to support and follow your group until our last breath. WE LOVE YOU VIC EOMMA!!!!