[FIC] You're Mine and No One Else Does (One-shot)

Author: Amberfied
Pairing: KryBer
Rating and length: PG, One-Shot


“Knock—knock! Krys?”

“Amber, it’s our room. No need to knock on your own door since you already know it’s open.” I shouted from the top of my lungs so she can surely hear it.

I saw her passed by the door but I ignored it instead. I was really upset. And she has no idea how upset am I tonight.

“Hi baby! I missed you. How’s today filming?” She climbed on the bed and put her arms on my shoulder. I irritably moved my shoulder to release her hand. I turned back my focus in front of my laptop and continued browsing the net.

“Why Krys? Are… you mad baby?”

“Don’t call me baby! As if I’m your’s!” I quickly got up from bed and moved to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. I could hear her footsteps hastily following me downstairs.

“Krys? What’s with you? I don’t understand. We’re even okay when I left this morning. What’s happening?”

“You’re asking me what’s happening. Why don’t you try asking YOUR DONGHAE or YOUR HENRY if what’s actually happening.”

“What? What do you mea—?”

And then there was silence. She suddenly stopped from talking meaning she finally figure out what I am saying.

“Don’t tell me it’s about Donghae hyung’s tweet?”

“YES! It’s all about HIS AMBER and YOUR DONGHAE’S tweet. Now I’m asking you, what’s actually happening?!” She took a deep breathe and slowly walked towards me.

“Krys… that tweet is just nothing. Why worrying about it?” She mumbled as she held my both hands. But I released it.

“So when you’re actually smiling in that two photos with YOUR DONGHAE, means nothing to you? Well, it means a lot to me. I knew it; I should have followed you there at Osaka so I could have seen your behavior. But since I have the naughtiest girlfriend ever, she has replaced me that instantly.” I crossed my arms and frowned.

“What are you saying? Krystal, let me know you this, Donghae oppa called me “MY AMBER” because he treats me like her sister. You know that fans called us Dino family together with Jonghyun oppa. You are aware of that. Aren’t you? We’re just trying to have fun that time.”

“Yeah right. Trying to have fun while I’m not around.”

“Krys… trying to have fun is different from being contented. The reason why we’re trying to have fun because he actually saw me alone and lonely while sitting at the corner after the concert. Then he just confronted me and I told him, as usual, I am sad, frustrated, unsatisfied, discontented or what ever negative vibe I could ever feel that time. Then since he has been a brother to me and I have been a little sister to her as well, he just comforted me through that funny selcas. And please Krys! Don’t think that I would replace you. Because I would definitely not. I always tell you that.” She grabbed my hands again. At this time I didn’t protest after hearing her explanation. But there’s still one thing that bothers me.

“…and what about Henry oppa’s tweet? Why did he tell Donghae oppa that… you’re his’?” I pouted.

“Soojung-ah… You know that Henry is one of my closest friends in our agency. I’m sure he’s just joking when he tweeted that. Yaaaaaah! Stop being jealous! You know that I like it when you’re jealous but I don’t actually like when seeing you upset and frustrated.”

“Really? I—I’m sorry then. I’m sorry for being a possessive girlfriend. You know that you’re the only one I want. I should have asked you first before getting mad.”

“Naaaah!” She scratched my head.” If you’re possessive, then what more I can call myself of being more possessive when it comes to you? I understand why you felt that way. Good thing you well-behaved when that Jae Suk confessed that you’re the woman of her interest. When I first heard that from Sulli, I even started to fix my things and wanted to fly back to Korea immediately even the concert has not starting yet, if it’s not just with Vic eomma who stopped me. I wanted to tell that guy that no one is allowed to have an interest on you except her handsome girlfriend. You’re mine baby!”

“You’re mine too and no one else does!” I muttered as I pinched her nose.

Finally, I am completely relieved. Aisssh! Why so stupid Krystal? You always let your jealousy comes out first. So shameful. From now on, I should embed into my mind that I have the most honest girlfriend in the world. I’m way too lucky to have her in my life.

I pecked a kiss on her lips and gave her a tight hug. Oh yeah! I missed her scent. I fell contented that she’s with me now. I should have felt no worries anymore.

I released my body from hugging her and gave her a smile. But her face suddenly turned into confused state.

“By the way… How were you able to know about Donghae oppa’s tweet? You don’t even have a tweeter account?”

“Ah… Uhm… I forgot that website but it goes like… Kry… kryber… kryberpalace? Kryberpalace? I’m not sure but I think it sounds like that way. I think it’s one of the international forums dedicated for the both of us.”

“Ah yeah… Kryberpalace. That’s where I actually enjoy reading some fan fictions about us…” she murmured looking at the ceiling.

“What? What did you say?”

“Ugh… nothing. I said… I’m starving. Let’s eat.”


 *KryBerPalace: http://kryberpalace.com (International Site for KryBer)

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