[FIC] The Runaway Bride (One-shot)

Author: Amberfied
Pairing: KryBer
Rating: PG, One-shot


This day has arrived and I am sure she has been dreaming of this too.

She is wearing that simple but elegant white long gown. It fits her perfectly that made her the sexiest bride in the entire world. Her hair is tied with a shining crochet pinned within. She just wore the simplest make-up but still her instinctive gorgeousness stunned around the whole sacred place. She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my entire life and how she dressed up today made her more beautiful from being the most. Yeah. I admire her that way. Sounds exaggerating but that is the truth. I am not the only one who finds her the same way I do. BUT the only thing which I could say that made me different with any other guy around Krystal’s life is I am a girl. And this girl is the only person who she dared to love. That bride I was talking about is Krystal and she is my girlfriend.

BUT unfortunately she is not going to marry me.

We both own the same gender and getting married is prohibited. We have been in a relationship for almost five years until her parents were able to found out what is going on between us. They took Krystal away from me. Went back to States for good. Her mother threatened me that if I ever intended to follow Krystal, she will ask someone to kill me. I was not able to do anything or fight for the love we had for the long time. I was weak like that and even let her stay away from me.

And now this is the worst consequence of all.

After couple of years we have been far away from each other; did not have any communication not even once for around three years. And just when I thought I’m strong enough to for our love, I followed her in States but didn’t ever expect that our next meet up is going to be on her wedding. Getting married with another guy and it broke me into pieces. How I wish whenever I close my eyes, I would just die right away. But when I noticed her while marching that red aisle, the sorrow in her face didn’t outshined by any glamorous make-up nor beautiful wedding dress or that elegant bouquet of flowers in her hands.

There’s something wrong in her. I know. For the long time I have known her, I can differentiate if when she’s sad or when she’s happy. And today, she’s no just sad, she’s miserable. I could feel that she doesn’t like what is actually happening. I saw her tears gently running on her face. People inside would think that those tears were sign of happiness, but I could assure that it’s not. My tears suddenly feel down when she finally reached the altar with her groom. Not just hour and they are going to be husband and wife. My chest wanted to burst out. If only I could cry out loud and called her name from afar and say…

“Krys! You haven’t change a bit since you left me. You’re still that stupid girl I loved. Don’t know how to refuse someone’s command. Even if it hurts you a lot. Even if it turns you to misery for your entire life. I’m finally here. Please be strong and decide for your life for the last minute. Decide for us Krystal.”

My tears keep on falling because I couldn’t do anything. It’s a sacred ceremony and I couldn’t do anything to stop this bullshit.

“Woman, do you accept this man to be your lawful husband for richer and for poorer?”

The priest’s words were the question I’m frightened to hear. Here it goes. Her groom already accepted her to be her wife and only her answer would mark everything and would might ended everything we’ve been through. I wiped my tears and turned back as I decided to just walk out from the place. I didn’t even realize that it took her so long before breaking up her answer.

“… I’m sorry!—“I heard that very familiar sob which made me stopped from walking. “I’m really sorry. I can’t accept him!” I quickly turned my body and look after her. Her answer made everyone panicked except me. I was indeed shocked but it turned my tears into happiness from being upset. I saw her running quickly on the aisle while shredding tears. Choosing the best for her life. I knew it. Our strong relationship had conquered everything. I run outside the church following where she’s going.

She stopped from running and hides her face by her hands. She’s still sobbing. I softly walk towards her making sure she wouldn’t notice me. As I finally reached her. I released her hands that cover her face and suddenly hugged her. She stopped from crying and probably shocked of what I’ve just done.

“Don’t cry baby. I’m here.” I whispered as I scratched her messy hair.

“Am… Amber?” Her sweet voice smashed into my ears again. Without looking on me, she realized that I am really her Amber. She continued from crying and gave me a tight hugged back. Her crying sounds different with when he said “NO” to her groom awhile ago.She’s crying now with happiness.

“Thank you for choosing me Krystal. You have no idea how much you made me happy.”

“Sorry Amber if I left you. I promise not to stay away from you anymore.”

“Shhhh!” I touched her soft lips and stopped her from mouthing any words. I gave her the passionate kiss we used to share for years and we will continue to share this for the rest of our lives.

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