Ever since this group's hot debut, NEVER they had failed to amaze me with their extraordinary God given talents. Being versatile is which I can say has been made them incomparable from other KPOP artists of their generation.

As I followed their way to the start of success, I've witnessed how hard working these young people even at very young age.

Last January 12 of the present year, Golden Disk Award was held. And out of tons KPOP groups in the industry, F(x) was one of the 6 chosen who had received its prestigious award called Bonsang Award. All the hard work has already attained a good outcome. It's their first time to win this kind of award and they totally deserve it. :)

It's just the start of their steps to success and I believe that these very hard working kiddos would someday be a highly honored idol. And as they conquer their way to the highest point of victory, I promise to follow them unstoppable until they take their last breath. :)

I'll be forever a pure F(x) fan. Promise. <,:

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