Me and my 'best friend" Insomia used to have some bonding these days. So I was struggling of what to do so I could get sleepy. Thanks to lovely Adobe Photoshop for always being there. And since I am totally a KryBer deprived and dying to see them in a lesbian movie such as Korean version of Yes or No, I ended up making this fan made movie poster. How I wish this is true. I would definitely die if this happens. 

It took an hour just to fix their t-shirts; erasing the designs so I could put that "yes" and "no" captions like what's Tina and Aom wearing on the original movie poster.  

And spent almost 3 hours to finish this craziness. <: 

To those who aren't aware anyway, Yes or No is Thailand's first ever movie which has a lesbian love story. And that movie is one of my favorite Thai movies. If you're suffering for having an identity crisis because of being a fan of f(x)'s Amber or if you're into lesbians, you would surely enjoy and hook in the movie. 

So, how was the fanart I made? :)


BUT I honestly can’t get enough of Kyungsoo. ♥ T_____T Every time he smiles, every time he looks like “I WAS ABOUT TO CRY” when he can’t answer the questions properly on their radio guesting, every time he sings with confident in front of the camera, when he trolls with the other members, every time he proclaims himself as the “eomma” of the group (sooo cute), every time he perfectly impersonates Oh Gwang-Rok with “Aagh~ Jotda~”, every time he does that lip touching step in MAMA choreography, every time he laughs while hiding his face because of shyness and every time he does this famous “O.o” expression of him, HE SERIOUSLY ATTRACTS ME A LOT AND I ALMOST FORGET MY 2 ULTIMATE EXO BIASES. T__________T  

And I don’t know what got me into this, but I am sometimes perving on him. Ugh. Sorry.  

Happy Birthday Byun Bacon ♥

I used to like Luhan before until I heard you sing “Into Your World” and your voice almost killed me ‘cause you sound like a heaven sent “Angel”. Then from that day forward, you became my ultimate bias in Exo-K together with Kris of Exo-M and I’m not regretting it though you’re trying your very best to make everyone laugh with your lame jokes. :D

Baekhyun babe, thank you so much for existing. Thank you for being soooo perfect in my eyes; your perfect hands, your flawless skin, your perfect eyeliner, your oh-so-killing voice, your smile, your eyes, EVERYTHING is perfection. But in case you show a sudden flaws, I will be willing to accept and love it anyways. ‘Cause I’m eternally in love with you like that. Whuuuuut? Puhahaha. :DDD

I love youuuuu Bacon-ssi. ♥ Please continue inspiring me. ^^