Happy Birthday Byun Bacon ♥

I used to like Luhan before until I heard you sing “Into Your World” and your voice almost killed me ‘cause you sound like a heaven sent “Angel”. Then from that day forward, you became my ultimate bias in Exo-K together with Kris of Exo-M and I’m not regretting it though you’re trying your very best to make everyone laugh with your lame jokes. :D

Baekhyun babe, thank you so much for existing. Thank you for being soooo perfect in my eyes; your perfect hands, your flawless skin, your perfect eyeliner, your oh-so-killing voice, your smile, your eyes, EVERYTHING is perfection. But in case you show a sudden flaws, I will be willing to accept and love it anyways. ‘Cause I’m eternally in love with you like that. Whuuuuut? Puhahaha. :DDD

I love youuuuu Bacon-ssi. ♥ Please continue inspiring me. ^^
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