Me and my 'best friend" Insomia used to have some bonding these days. So I was struggling of what to do so I could get sleepy. Thanks to lovely Adobe Photoshop for always being there. And since I am totally a KryBer deprived and dying to see them in a lesbian movie such as Korean version of Yes or No, I ended up making this fan made movie poster. How I wish this is true. I would definitely die if this happens. 

It took an hour just to fix their t-shirts; erasing the designs so I could put that "yes" and "no" captions like what's Tina and Aom wearing on the original movie poster.  

And spent almost 3 hours to finish this craziness. <: 

To those who aren't aware anyway, Yes or No is Thailand's first ever movie which has a lesbian love story. And that movie is one of my favorite Thai movies. If you're suffering for having an identity crisis because of being a fan of f(x)'s Amber or if you're into lesbians, you would surely enjoy and hook in the movie. 

So, how was the fanart I made? :)

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