His 8th Years of Existence.

Happy eight years of your precious existence, Kim Kibum!

Yes. Existence.

Perhaps any kpop fan who’s reading this right now might laughing on me and thinks I am crazy for talking about “your existence” and even celebrating it.

Well, I am your fan; your loyal, faithful and dedicated avid fan. Although for some people you doesn’t exist anymore, I never forgot nor releases that name “Kim Kibum” in my head and heart. After you left Super Junior and decided to pursue your acting career, I never stop monitoring you ever since. I mean, I have lots of source of where to get updates about you. As in LOTS OF SOURCE.

Though some people or should I say some ELFs who used to loved you, thought that you are might be dead already, your existence never fade into mine baby.

You are my first love. I know I had tried to replace you with my other biases in Kpop; I am still falling into your gravity. I cannot imagine how life would it be if you did not come in my life. I just could not forget someone like you honey. I have been spending my half-life for years in this most awesome side of the world called KPOP and it is all because of YOU.

Surrendering my loyalty to you for almost five years is not enough, as long as you are breathing, as long as you make me smile, as long as you live your life to its fullest through your very passionate way of acting, I will follow you sir. :)

Even you’re not a part of my favorite group for now; you are still a very special human being to me just like what I felt when I first saw you, five years ago.

I would not get tired of waiting at that day when you finally come back to the group where you belong and would give you too much love for the second time around. I am not the only one who expects for that to happen, billionths of us I guess. But whatever happens, whatever is your final decision baby, we will always be legal. You will always be mine and I am always yours.

Thank you so much for existing Kibum. ♥

Loving you until her last breathe,
Jhaney (Amberfied)

Sorry Grammar Nazis. I’m not a good English student. :)


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