[BLOG] The Best Sexy Thing Ever ♥

Amber's Me2day update :) ♥

낼도 봐요~ ming tian ye jian! 근데 뒤에 ”남자3호love“라고 써있음ㅋㅋ

Translation: See you again tomorrow~ (Korean) See you again tomorrow! (Chinese)
By the way, it was written "No.3 Guy love" at the back keke

PS: No.3 Guy referring to Super Junior Donghae
A fan wrote "No.3 Guy love" at the back of the board

Credits: Amber's me2day
Korean to English translations: KBNye | KryberPalace.com


Yeah baby! You don't have an idea how goddamn smexxxxxy and hoooot you are. <3 Can't stop giggling every time I see this picture. Your eyes is just sooooo ugh... okay, FOREVER SEXY. ♥

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