[BLOG] The Incomparable Excitement for Yes or No Part 2 ♥

This is it.

I've been waiting for this for a long time. Finally, the lovely Aom and adorable Tina just confirmed it. YES OR NO PART 2!!!!! They had just started to film on the first week of January. And approximately, it will be release on early July. I can't wait for this. :) I fell in love with this couple since the first part of this movie. And would surely falling for them more on its sequel. If I were to ask, I want to have a more sweetness AOMTINA moments in part 2. Not having any third parties or whatever. I just don't want any circumstance will interrupt their relationship. Hahaha. :D I know it will turn out boring without any conflict on the story, but that's my own opinion anyway.

I love this movie so much. They just showed that nothing is forbidden when it comes to love. As long as you love and trust each other, forbidden love or not, SHOULD ALWAYS ANSWER YES! NOT NO. :)

Here's the trailer of Yes or No Part 1. Promise! This is a must watch movie. ♥

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